Yoga Pilates Fitness Roller Wheel For Stretching and Back Pain

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Material: PC+ TPE
Color: as shown
Diameter: 33*13CM (~13 inches x 5.12 inches)

Max Weight : 661lbs

1. Durable and practical
2. Essential tool for Pilates
3. Very suitable for anyone who wants to keep fit
4. Add intensity to floor exercises to build body muscles
5. 4 Color available, you have more choices to buy the one you prefer
6. Very convenient, you can do Pilates at home when you are not busy
7. Very useful for the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, and the chest and even the pelvic muscles

A great fitness & stretching tool for beginners & advanced yogis.  Back opener & stretcher can cushion your muscle, feet and back to relieve spinal stiffness. It can improve flexibility & balance through stretching,  and assist yoga poses such as back bend, headstand, etc.

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